“Palcohol–” a powder designed to turn any liquid into an alcoholic beverage.

Nothing even close to this has been on the market in the recent past in the U.S. or ever,” said attorney Robert Lehrman, according to CBS.

This week the product gained approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and Maryland could see the product very soon. It virtually can go into any drink and make it alcohol and up to nearly 12 percent. There's powdered vodka, rum, lemon drop and other varieties that are appropriate for certain matching beverages. But, if something like this is easy for people to get is it dangerous?

It's making parents nervous that teens will get their hands on it and it's not a traditional way to start drinking 'alcohol'. Maryland lawmakers have been involved in the possible pan of the product that is hoping to launch this Summer.

Several states already moved to ban powdered alcohol, including Colorado. The company hopes to have the product for sale this summer.

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