Queen have enjoyed one of the more prolific and entertaining careers in music and fairly soon fans will be able to enjoy a new multi-touch electronic edition of the band's '40 Years of Queen' book that provides fans extra media components.

Guitarist Brian May recently showed off the eBook during a London media session, explaining, "I'm a bit of a technophobe, but this version does an incredible job of telling the life that Queen led. This is the best book ever."

May had a hand in providing the memorabilia featured within the eBook's media. He explained, "I was the guy that tried to hold onto these moments as they passed. If we played Madison Square Garden, I'd keep a ticket. I also kept hold of clothes and posters, an amazing cornucopia of artifacts. Instead of leaving them to gather dust in some air conditioned storage room, I wanted people to see these things and be able to play with them."

The guitarist credits his father with drawing a map that charted the route of one of their first tours. According to May, the readers can click on the city names and even see the set lists from the performance. He told Classic Rock magazine, "I love seeing this stuff and it's great to be able to share it."

The interactive version will also allow fans to hear the band's music and even purchase songs from iTunes as they proceed from page to page. The guitarist says that while the book is state-of-the-art as it is, he's anxious about the possibility of the ability to add features as time goes on. For more information or to purchase the '40 Years of Queen' eBook, check here.

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