Many boat owners will tell you, the only bad part of having a boat is owning one.

All joking aside, the costs and responsibilities of owning (and storing) a boat in Buffalo can add up to a lot; pricing many potential sailors out of fulfilling their seafaring desires -- too cash-strapped to captain a vessel of their own.

So what's a sailor without a boat to do?

Luckily, for those with commitment or financial issues regarding boat ownership, you can still head out on the water for a rental fee.

WGRZ reports that Carefree Boat Club of Buffalo will be starting their boat rental network next month in North Tonawanda.

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Their first day for service is May 15, and they will be located at the East Pier Marina. According to WGRZ, this will be the first Carefree network in Western New York; the group has networks among North America, Central America and Asia.

Here's How it Works

Carefree has four boats available in their fleet. Members can rent the boats for usage whenever one is available. There are some rules though -- to become a member, you have to pay an initiation fee and pass their free boater-safety course. Memberships range from one to five years in length.

In the city, Sail Buffalo is an organization that works similarly.

If you want to navigate the waters of Buffalo's Outer Harbor, you'll find Sail Buffalo at 4 Fuhrmann Boulevard, near Wilkeson Pointe.

As well, they accept members for an initiation fee, and you'll learn all about how to operate the boats in their fleet safely. They even have junior sailing programs available for kids.

To learn more about Sail Buffalo, click here.

To learn more about Carefree Boat Club, click here.

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