Ever since last season ended back in May, and players did exit interviews with the Buffalo media, much of the talk surrounding the Buffalo Sabres has been about disgruntled star forward Jack Eichel.

Eichel stated there was a "disconnect" between him and the organization, and ever since that point, it's gotten pretty ugly regarding the standoff between Eichel's camp and the franchise.

Not only does Eichel not want to be part of another rebuild (despite the fact the team is 3-0-0 so far in 2021), Eichel has a neck injury that requires surgery.

Eichel's medical camp wants an ADR surgery, also known as artificial disc replacement. The Sabres medical staff desires the disc infusion surgery.

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The injury has severely complicated trade talks between general manager Kevyn Adams and other teams looking to acquire Eichel. Now, it appears those trade talks have gone quiet.

According to a report from Emily Kaplan of ESPN, the trade market has gone quiet, so that has led Eichel's camp flooding the Sabres with medical opinions they have gathered to try and convince them one last time to let him get his preferred surgery, artificial disc replacement.

Time is running out. The longer this goes, the chances of Eichel returning at all in 2021-2022 go out the window, as would his chance to play in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Many Sabres fans probably want this situation to be over as quickly as possible, which is without a doubt a sentiment Jack Eichel shares.

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