The Buffalo Sabres season is done, but the last three days have been extremely busy with end-of-season media interviews and press conferences from Sabres players, staff and management.

Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams spoke with the Buffalo and national media on Wednesday, as reporters asked him about the season they just went through, and the roster that will undergo change during the summer.

Sabres captain Jack Eichel said on Monday there was a "disconnect" with the Sabres and said he was upset with the Sabres, regarding his medical situation (Eichel has a herniated disc in his neck).

Adams cleared the air with reporters, regarding the players he "wants" on the Sabres. While the Sabres GM didn't say anyone by name, he said was energized by the comments from "young" players yesterday, and wanted to get this right "with the people who want to be here."

Many Sabres fans are assuming that comment is indicative of the comments made by Eichel, but also Sam Reinhart and Ramsus Ristolainen, who also had strong comments on Monday.

As for Eichel's injury, Adams confirmed that Eichel's team wants a cervical disc replacement surgery, while Sabres doctors are not comfortable with it, since no NHL player has a history of returning after a surgery such as that.

After hearing all the comments from players and Adams this week, along with the Sabres play in 2021, it's easy to assume there will be a lot of changes with the roster this summer. Jack Eichel could have played his last game as a Buffalo Sabre.

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