The excitement level at 1 Seymour H Knox III Plaza in downtown Buffalo has increased lately. As the Buffalo Sabres push hard toward the playoffs, many people are encouraged by the team's performance on the ice.

That increase in the teams' play is also increasing the number of folks who are looking for tickets to watch the Sabres play at KeyBank Center.

If you're one of the many people who are looking to grab some tickets to a Sabres game, you'll quickly find out they're pretty easy to get. You can just about always snag tickets directly from the team, either via the team's website or the Box Office at KeyBank Center. If that's not your jam, then you can often find season ticket holders looking to sell their tickets via a reseller site like StubHub or SeatGeek.

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Under normal circumstances, this isn't a big deal to do, especially if you're a season ticket holder who can't make a game and want to not lose out on the value of your seats. However, a recent announcement from the Sabres organization is ruffling a few feathers of current season ticket holders.

Sabres Season Ticket Holders Who Sell Most Of Their Tickets Have To Obtain A NYS License

According to the Buffalo News, earlier this week some Sabres season ticket holders received a letter from the team advising them they are required to purchase a New York State Ticket Reseller License before they can renew tier season ticket membership. The Buffalo News article goes on to say that this requirement applies to season ticket holders who sell most of their tickets and applies to less than 1% of current season ticket holders.

At one point or another, we've all struggled with tickets to events being snagged up quickly by ticket brokers and resellers, who then increase the prices. New York's Ticket Reseller law has attempted to stop that by requiring those who engage in that activity to obtain a license. This requirement won't apply to most people who sell their tickets and should only apply to those who meet specific requirements set forth by the state's Arts & Cultural Affairs Law, which governs resellers.

According to New York State, resellers have to maintain a $25,000 surety bond, along with paying a $5,000 annual license fee. While this won't impact most ticket holders, some will be impacted. Hopefully, New York State can reach some sort of resolution that doesn't hurt the little guy.

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