The Buffalo Sabres are currently 18 points out of the playoff spot, so it appears the organization will have their 11th consecutive season without a postseason appearance.

It's been incredibly tough on the fans here in Buffalo, but also, the players who spent much of their careers in Buffalo. Rasmus Ristolainen, Jack Eichel, Zemgus Girgensons and Sam Reinhart all spent six or more seasons with the Sabres during the drought, and one of those players commented on the drought.

Reinhart was traded to the Florida Panthers during the 2021 NHL Draft, for a 2023 first round pick and goaltending prospect, Devon Levi, who is having one of the greatest college hockey seasons for a goaltender at Northeastern.

Reinhart and the Panthers are at the top of the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference with 71 points, and they beat the Carolina Hurricanes 3-2 on Wednesday night in overtime.

Reinhart was asked after the game, "did that feel like a playoff game?"

Reinhart answered with, "Unfortunately, the way my career has gone, I can't quite comment on that."

It's no secret that both Reinhart and Eichel wanted out of Buffalo. They did not want to go through another rebuild, and the Sabres obliged Reinhart at the draft, and also traded him to a playoff contender.

Reinhart's comment is tough to hear, and while it's poking fun at the Sabres lack of success, it's not like it's untrue. Reinhart is just stating the facts.

Hopefully, the Sabres playoff-less streak ends next season. Hopefully...

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