With Thanksgiving right around the corner Christmas will be here quicker than a child tearing through a gift-wrapped present.

Speaking of the little ones, there is no bigger thrill than taking the kids to see, visit, and talk to the main man himself, Santa Claus. And other than meeting Mickey Mouse as a kid, I can't remember being so geeked out. Okay, maybe Spider-Man and Batman. I never really got into the Easter Bunny, it was just too creepy for me.

It looks like Santa will be getting in the holiday spirit sooner than later as the Walden Galleria (by the way, when referring to the shopping outlet it should either be the Walden Galleria or Walden Mall, NOT the Walden Galleria Mall). Sorry, that is just a pet peeve of mine.

Anyways, WKBW has reported the big man in red will be setting up his fireside lounge on the lower level near the Apple Store beginning this Friday (November 19) through December 24th.

The Walden Galleria strongly recommends making a reservation HERE. They will be following all proper safety guidelines that include staying at least 8 feet apart along with putting up plexiglass partitions.   

Special days will be set aside for pets and for children that suffer from sensory disabilities. So pack up the little ones and make it a day of shopping, smiling, and Santa.


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