As a kid, you were scared to drive over these bridges. As an adult deep down, you still are.

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In Buffalo, everything is 20 minutes away. Want to go to The stadium? 20 minutes. Want to go to a beach? 20 minutes. Grand island? 20 minutes. The falls? 20 minutes. Well, maybe not literally 20 minutes but you get the idea. It's a sprawling area that many who visit are always a bit surprised about.

As kids, whenever you went anything, chances are it involved a decently long car ride and there was a good chance a bridge would be involved. After all, we are an international border with Canada separated by a river. We also have tons of waterways and a large island that several WNY'ers live on in Grand Island. Bridges are inevitable around here.

As kids, they were also scary. Now there's nothing to actually be scared of. It's just a bridge. There's just something about going high up in the air in a narrow lane with other cars that seems dubious though. Kids around here had all sorts of tricks to deal with it to. Holding their breath. Closing their eyes. Screaming. All awesome things for their parents to deal with while driving the car (LOL).

We all remember this, though. Now, as adults, we have to drive over these things all the time, and we do. However, if we're being honest with ourselves, you still get a little nervous when you do it, don't you? Every time you go over one of these bridges a part of you goes back to your childhood for a second and gets scared.

These are the 5 bridges that do exactly that in Buffalo and Western New York.

5 Bridges You're Still Scared of in Western New York

As a kid, you were scared to drive over these bridges. As an adult deep down, you still are.

What bridges did we miss? These are all still in operation, so for those who are thinking of the Father Baker Bridge, that's why it's not on here.

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