When they found out their service dogs would not be allowed to dress up for their graduation ceremony, two students hit the woof, er, roof.

The Denison Independent School District, in Denison, Texas, barred Katie Brashier and her best friend, Kamry Ross, from letting their service animals don the traditional cap and gown during graduation.

Brashier's pooch, Shots, helps her identify diabetic attacks before they come, while Ross' dog, Nike, helps her with seizures.

The dogs have worn outfits to various events at the school this year, but the principal refused to let the pups wear the traditional cap and gown because they would disrupt the event and the outfits are for people only.

Naturally, the decision baffled the girls. Katie spoke glowingly of Shots, noting, "It's not that he's graduating, because he's not; I'm aware of that. But I would not be graduating without him."

Kamry, meanwhile, says it was a totally unfair move:

I'm making a stand about this, because I don't want other people with service dogs to go through the same harassment and bullying that both of us went through."

In the end, the girls elected not to get the dogs all dolled up, although they did walk with them to get their diplomas.

What do you think? Are the girls getting upset for no reason or is the school being unfair?

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