Buffalo Bills fans have a lot going for them these days, after 17 years of what seemed like consistent bad luck and no hope.

They have one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the entire NFL and the Bills have won the AFC East in back-to-back seasons, with a postseason appearance in three of the past four.

However, because of the way the season ended, fans are left with a bitter taste in their mouths and it all stems from the decisions made by head coach Sean McDermott and the coaching staff.

The Bills decided to kick the ball through the back of the end zone against the Kansas City Chiefs, with 13 seasons left. The Chiefs had all three timeouts, but only needed a field goal to tie the game and send it to overtime.

The Chiefs then took the ball and with two passes, went 50 yards down the field and kicked the game-tying field goal.

The lost in overtime.

Fans and analysts alike were left wondering why McDermott decided to play the defense he did, leaving his defenders so far off the Chiefs receivers, and giving them that much space; not to mention the kickoff.

McDermott has been asked several times since the end of the AFC Divisional round to explain what went down behind the scenes with those final 13 seconds, but has not given fans an explanation, just saying they need to execute better from the top down.

Tyler Dunne of Go Long TD Dot Com, wrote a lengthy piece that quotes multiple anonymous players from thee Bills, who had the same exact frustrations that fans had, in regards to head coach Sean McDermott.

One player mentioned the fact McDermott preaches accountability, but doesn't practice it -- in regards to the final 13 seconds against the Chiefs.

It's a bit disturbing to see players have those thoughts, but I don't blame them at all, because fans have had the same questions and want answers.

Then, Josh Reed of WIVB reported that he talked with some NFL coaching assistants and college coaches, and they all believe there is friction between McDermott and some of the Bills coaching staff.

Most added that it isn't that unusual.

For the record, I don't believe McDermott's job is at question, even if the 2022 season doesn't live up to Super Bowl expectations.

But all of this proves that there were mistakes made in those final 13 seconds and it seems coaches and players want accountability from McDermott, just like fans do.

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