The construction on the over one-hundred-year-old building which is a staple in the Broadway and Filmore community has begun. Many Buffalo residents can remember going to the Broadway Market for decades, it never really dawned on me as a child how iconic that building was. I just knew whenever we went there, it was always going to be something interesting to see, especially at Easter time.

According to, the massive renovation has a price tag of over a million dollars and most of the work is being done on the outside of the structure. Construction crews are removing and replacing old materials that are no longer any good or, can not be used, and they will also work on the concrete portion of the upper areas by patching and painting the building.

What Are Some New Things To Expect In The Market?

The Broadway Market will have extended hours to accommodate the number of people that will be shopping this year. The Market has always had a large number of vendors on hand, but there are a couple of new ones that will be put in place. There will also be a new clean look to the building that people who travel to the market can look forward to.

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I always enjoyed going to the Market, and I still do to this day, I'm really excited to see the new look and upgrades to the structure, and the number of people that will be traveling there from all over Western New York.

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