As the Buffalo Bills go so does the community. It is great basking in the warmth of the national spotlight and considering the weather as of late, the attention is a welcomed addition.

Most recently a national broadcaster came thru to try the Buffalo staple beef on weck. Kyle Brandt from 'Good Morning Football' visited Bar Bill north. You can watch the video HERE.

That then reminded me of the passing of the great football legend John Madden, and his visit to the 716, and his pronunciation of WECK which quickly went viral as he announced that he enjoyed Buffalo's "beef on wick-ee."

As funny as that was, I do not blame John for the mispronunciation. After all, we here in Western New York have a certain vernacular that is only relevant to this area.

May I present 7 Things Only Western New York Residents Say:

Things Only Western New Yorkers Say

Things Only Western New Yorkers Say

What are some words you say or hear that are unique to the area?


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