The title of this blog could easily be taken out of context.

Sexting instructions in school wouldn't be a "how to do it" curriculum. Rather it would be taught in such a way that it's presented as unattractive action to produce and receive texts of a sexual nature.

As more and more kids get phones in their hands, the risk of a bad situation is increasing every year. It's important to make sure your kids know about the dangers of texting and social media in general, and adding this as part of sex education in school may be a way to ensure they get the information. Some parents are likely uncomfortable discussing it on their own.

You can head to for 10 great tips for how parents can address sexting with their kids, but here are our three favorites:

  • Have open and honest conversations with your children
  • Be very clear about the laws and consequences
  • Make sure they know who they can talk to if they need more information or help--ideally you can be that person.
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