If you have ever been to an animal shelter here in Western New York, then you likely know just how many dogs are there. Dogs that you honestly can't believe found their way into an animal shelter.

The SPCA Serving Erie County and the Niagara SPCA do wonderful work, helping these dogs, and other animals, find loving homes and caring for any injury or emotional scarring they may have endured.

The City of Buffalo Animal Shelter is also a great place to find a lovable dog, and that's the case for one dog that the shelter is asking help from the public, in order to get him adopted.

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According to their Facebook post, Jaxon is a gorgeous Siberian Husky who needs a forever home. He's super friendly, but needs a family who can help with his separation anxiety and food allergies.

Jaxon is so adorable!

Jaxon looks so adorable. Siberian Huskies are a breed of dog that many people would love to own, so it's shocking that Jaxon is at a shelter, especially since he's so friendly.

Separation anxiety is a tough challenge. That's a challenge my fiancée and I faced in 2018 when we adopted our pit bull/beagle mix, Odessa. It took a few weeks at least for her separation anxiety to go away, so I know the same can be done for Jaxon.

Hopefully, Jaxon will get a loving and caring home this week and we're happy to help him out!

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