Snoop Dogg has become such a big pop culture figure that it's no surprise he has been involved in some odd promotional stunts in his career. But his latest one might be the strangest he has ever done. Snoop Dogg is involved in a new instructional video for Burger King hyping up their introduction of hot dogs to the menu.

This video for "internal use only" was conveniently leaked to TMZ. Snoop Dogg stars in the video for highlighting the new grilled dogs for Burger King employees. It's only right that The Doggfather introduces the dogs, right? Well, Burger King thought so and dubbed Snoop Dogg as their grilled dogs training ambassador.

Snoop Dogg says that Burger King employees will be grilling the hot dogs his way. And what's the Snoop Dogg way? "Bikinis, martinis, zucchinis... you know the rest," Snoop Dogg says. The video even sees Snoop Dogg dropping one liners about relish. It is an interesting viewing experience to say the least.

This is not the only strange circumstance that Snoop Dogg has experienced of late as the rapper was involved in an odd incident where cops claimed his studio equipment had been stolen. Snoop Dogg denied this, but TMZ produced a police report that listed Snoop as the victim of the theft. The whole thing must have been a mix-up as Snoop was out performing during Super Bowl weekend seemingly with equipment in tow.

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