For more than 30 years, This Is Spinal Tap has been one of the most quoted films for rock fans. But how well do you really know it? That’s the subject of a new video.

Over at our movies-and-TV-themed sister site ScreenCrush, they’ve come up with a handful of facts about This Is Spinal Tap. You'll learn about its origins as a failed pilot for a sketch comedy show, and the reason why Rob Reiner’s character is named Marty DiBergi. Along the way, you’ll find out about the other fictional musical persona of the three main stars, who were featured in another mockumentary.

You’ll also learn that there was a story arc that got edited out of the final cut that involved a character (played by a groundbreaking and influential rocker) who got a little too close to the band. In addition, you’ll see video footage of a young Slash talking about how it once negatively affected him, and watch David St. Hubbins confront one of the world’s biggest bands about ripping off the cover of Smell the Glove.

The You Think You Know videos usually contain 10 pieces of information. But since we're talking about This Is Spinal Tap, this one goes to 11. You can check it out above.

Slash's Real-Life 'Spinal Tap' Story

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