The weather has been super nice in Buffalo this weekend and it is going to stay sunny and warm out for the next few days before the rain comes on Friday. Then, it is back to normal temps back in the 40s and 50s.

With all of this nice weather, we are seeing more and more bugs early on.

My wife came downstairs and said that in the bedroom she found a dead fly.

Then the next day another one.

And another one.

And I couldn't figure out why it was just in this ONE room upstairs. This room has one of the drop-down attic access holes, so I figured let's take a look at why this room is different from the rest of them and then I opened up the cover, and holy smokes: flies EVERYWHERE. They are cluster flies, but to be honest, they for sure looked way bigger than regular flies.

We did not know what to do so we got a spray from Home Depot and gave that a whirl, but we came back 24 hours and it looked like there was little to absolutely no improvement on the situation. We also had someone suggest we just wait them out because they have a lifespan of only a month.

A MONTH. That's kind of nasty, so if anyone has any other suggestions we would love to hear them.

After all, I guess waiting a month isn't the absolute worst thing, but we would love to get them out sooner.

NEXT UP: Those sneaky stink bugs.

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