Living in New York for a while, you hear about the fact the state has high taxes. I know I hear it all the time. But exactly how high are the taxes here in New York State? The answer is not great if you live in New York.

There's a recent list that was published by Turbo Tax that shows the states with the highest income tax. 41 total states have a personal income tax, including the District of Columbia. New York is obviously one of them.

Out of the 41 states with a person income tax, New York came in at number seven with an income tax of 8.82 percent. That's for 2021.

The only states with a higher income tax are California (13.3), Hawaii (11), New Jersey (10.75), Oregon (9.9), and Minnesota (9.85). The District of Columbia comes in at number six with an income tax of 8.95 in 2021.

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On the flip side, which states have no income tax?

The states without any personal income tax are Wyoming, Washington, Texas, South Dakota, Nevada, Florida, and Alaska.

It should be noted that low personal income tax can be misleading, since things such as a lack of available tax reductions can raise the rate of pay and influence the low income tax numbers.

If I were to guess before looking at this list, I would have assumed New York was in the top three. Number seven isn't that much better, though.

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