In 1985, a year before the Police officially broke up, drummer Stewart Copeland released a solo album called 'The Rhythmatist.' The record was a document of the artist's trek to Africa, where he recorded and played drums and other percussion with local musicians.

The album didn't sell well, which wasn't surprising. It's basically an experimental world-music work half a world away from the Police's pop masterpieces. But Copeland, a serious student of rhythm in all shapes and sizes, made a chronicle of his time in Africa in the form of a movie, also called 'The Rhythmatist.'

It's a fascinating travelogue of an artist in search of his muse. And for one hair-raising moment, Copeland goes totally lunatic, setting himself up in a cage as a pride of wild lions gathers around him as he bangs away on his kit. You can watch the scene unfold in the above video.

Apparently all that time on the front lines with Sting prepared the brave warrior drummer for anything.

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