Buffalo has built up a lot of luxury apartments, but how will they get more people to move downtown?

Patti and Thurman Thomas, the legendary Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer, are moving to the city of Buffalo from the town of Boston. Allentown to be exact which is actually pretty fitting. They said they always wanted to be in the actual city and finally are. A lot of people say that but never do it. Why? Why don’t more people leave the Suburbs for the city? 

There are a lot of reasons.

Now it’s easy to go negative and some of that wouldn’t be totally wrong. Racism, classism, and entitlement are all things some will throw into the reasons why. However, that’s not what we’re here to discuss because, to be honest, it’s not this writer’s area of comfort or certainly expertise. Instead, I’d like to focus on practical, common sense issues that we can all probably agree on today as to why more people won’t move to the city, let alone downtown. 

These, of course, are my opinion, and absolutely could be wrong, but having lived in both settings this is what I’ve learned, and also wish in some case would happen, in order for this sort of population movement to happen. 

It should also be pointed out I want this to happen. I think it’s wasteful to have these cities that aren’t filled to the brim with families and strong communities like the suburbs claim to have. I honestly believe if we didn’t have so many divides we would all get along A LOT better and come to see eye to eye not only more often, but much quicker. 

It won't be for everyone. There's nothing wrong with living in the country and for those of you who like your space good on you. I think these 5 things, however, would make you think about it. At least, for a minute.

Here are 5 Things Buffalo Needs to Do Now to get people to move from the Suburbs to Downtown.

Suburbs to Downtown: 5 Things Buffalo Needs to Do Now

5 things the City of Buffalo Needs to do to get people to move from the Suburbs of Western New York to Downtown.

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