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Where Do You Have Constant Dead Zones or No Service Around WNY?
Senator Chuck Schumer's wants to know where you constantly get dropped calls or some other service issue with your cell phone.
Schumer's office released a report of  dead zones in cell coverage all over New York State. Out of all the complaints, about 733 total complaints came in from Western New Yor…
DIY: Custom Cell Phone Chargers
Make your own custom cell phone charger! The Russian Hacker is back at it again with another Do It Yourself. Turn your cell phone charger into something interesting and wireless. You'll be the coolest kid on the block with this!
Video Perfectly Captures Life Without a Cell Phone
One time two years ago, some skeezebag stole our phone right out of our purse. For three months we were phone-less. So, we feel fairly well qualified to testify that this video, about what it's like to be surrounded by friends with smartphones when you don't have one, is pretty much spot o…

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