If you are a Verizon customer in Western New York, you will see something in your bill next month, that you haven't seen in quite a while.  A price increase.

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Verizon customers may want to take a closer look at their next bill when it arrives in June.  According to several published reports from Bloomberg, The Verge, and other news outlets, Verizon will be raising its rates for customers in order to combat the rising cost of running its network.

The price increase won't break the bank, as it is reported that it will be $1.35 for consumer accounts and $2.20 for business accounts... but, it is an increase nonetheless.  There will also be a .98 cent increase on basic service plans.

The price increase will apply only to voice lines.  So, if you have a Verizon account for a data-only tablet or wifi hotspot, there won't be any change to your account.  The increase will also only affect post-paid customers (those that receive a monthly bill).

A Verizon company spokesperson told The Verge:

From time to time, we review and make adjustments to fees to defray some of Verizon’s administrative and telco expenses and costs of complying with regulatory requirements. To that end, Verizon Consumer will implement a change beginning in June.

This "administrative fee" is projected to affect millions of Verizon customers nationwide.

Verizon isn't alone in increasing its fees for its customers.  AT&T customers were hit with a $6 a month increase on older consumer plans earlier this month.  Family plans were increased by $12.

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