Sinead Helping Miley?
Sinead O'Connor has been through plenty of controversy over her career because of her own actions and the actions of those around her. O'Connor has plenty of first-hand experience with the ups and downs of being a female in the music industry.
Miley Cyrus recently compared herself to O'Connor and sai…
Bad Idea
Sometimes you can commemorate an anniversary with a special sale, but when it comes to the anniversary of an attack on our country where thousands of people lost their lives, it's best to proceed with caution.
FB Controversy
Usually when Facebook draws the ire of the collective internet it's because it's made a change to its format. But this time it's one of the social network giant's TV commercials that has the Web firing off a barrage of negative comments.
Rolling Stones Urinals Causing Controversy in Germany
German women wouldn’t have an issue with the lip shaped urinals at the recently opened Rolling Stones museum in Lüchow, Germany if they came installed with tongues. That way, the toilet would more accurately resemble the famous lips logo the band has long used in promotional mat…