Coalition to Save Thanksgiving



Jack Gives You The Bird
Thank you to everyone that came out to the Eastern Hills Mall yesterday for our Freebird Stick Up, all part of our Coalition To Save Thanksgiving.
The Black Friday Cocktail [DRINKS WITH JACK]
You may need a stiff drink after maneuvering through crowds to get all those Black Friday deals, or you may need some hair of the dog after your Thanksgiving festivities. Either way, give a bourbon Black Friday Cocktail a try.
What Not to Do While Shopping on Black Friday
Though there's plenty of frustration during Black Friday shopping madness, and though you may find yourself wanting to go postal waiting in long checkout lines, let's not forget our manners. Here are a few things I recommend NOT doing while you're shopping today; although hilarious, t…
Unknown Turkey Facts
These days, most of the turkeys people gobble down are fattened up on farms. They’re only pale (under their feathers) imitations of the lean, mean turkeys roaming through the woods of North America. Regardless of the kind of turkey you’re planning on serving for dinner this year (domestic or wild), …

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