How much money do the Pegula's have? How much is Terry Pegula worth?

Terry Pegula has really jumped up the ranks on the Forbes Billionaires 2022 list! Our owner of the Buffalo Sabers and Buffalo Bills was ranked number 438 on the Forbes list, which is UP from the 2021 list.

2021: Terry Pegula rank #520 

2022: Terry Pegula rank #438

On the list you can see which industry and country that each member of the billionaire list is from. When it comes to Terry Pegula, the industry is listed as 'natural gas' and 'energy' and nothing about any sports teams.

How many billionaires are there in the world? There are 2,668 billionaires left in the world which is about 80 less than there were a few years ago. Who tops the list? Elon Musk, who of course founded Tesla, is at the top with 217 billion dollars and right behind him is Jeff Bezos. the founder of Amazon, who is far behind in terms of dollars worth at 171 billion dollars.

EXTRA: Buffalo Bills fans are super happy this week! Their star wide receiver, Stefon Diggs (and of course....Josh Allen's BFF) has signed a contract for him to stay here in Western New York. Not only is he staying here because he wants to be on the team, but he is also GETTING THAT MONEY! The deal was a four-year, $104 million extension that includes $70 million guaranteed. Both Diggs and the Buffalo Bills seem to be on the same page that they want Diggs to retire a Buffalo Bill.

Ya love to see it, ya really do.


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