It's the place to be right now!

We all know the magic. The energy around Western New York is just...different. But, it's fun to watch celebrities get excited about the Buffalo Bills, too. Last week we were getting pumped for our first playoff game against the Colts so Clay made the 'So God Made The Mafia'.

This week, we were talking about the Buffalo Bills and you know that these are the 10 Buffalo Bills Fan Commandments. Even if you ever move from Buffalo you know that these ALWAYS apply--especially number 10.

  • 1

    Thou shalt know the lyrics of the SHOUT song

  • 2

    Thou shall not fall off the wagon

  • 3

    Thou shall continue to be a Bills fan wherever we may live

  • 4

    Thou shall break thee table

  • 5

    Thou shall not speak of wide right

  • 6

    Thou shall crack first beer at 9 AM on football Sunday

  • 7

    Thou shall have baby aspirin on hand for every game in case of an impending heart attack

  • 8

    Thou shall always root against Tom Brady no matter the team he is on

  • 9

    Thou shall not eat ranch dressing

  • 10

    Thou shall end every conversation with GO BILLS!

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