A man was recently caught driving with 99 suspensions. This guy has got 99 problems but driving won't be one of them for a little while.

I grew up about  40 minutes from the Motor City. Detroit is the birthplace of the automobile. Where I grew up coupled with how long I have been driving I always thought I was a decent driver. However, I don't think my driving had never truly been judged until I moved to New York.

People are picky about driving here and they are quick to point out the smallest of errors you could make while on the road. This is both good and bad. Many times this can lead to more bad behavior like incidents of road age. Other times it is perfectly acceptable to criticize someone's driving ability as they might not even be allowed on the road legally.

According to the New York Post, a man was recently arrested on Long Island for a history of driving suspension. The Post reported that police claimed he had 99 of them.

That's a crazy amount of suspensions.

99 license suspension is surprising news but I'm not surprised that this driver was spotted in Long Island. Long Island Driver's are in a class of their own. Not too long ago a man was spotted doing doughnuts on a school playground there.

How common is it for people to drive without a license? I guess it's fairly common. According to John Bales, experts speculate that 1 out of 10 drivers operates without a license.

That's a scary thought.

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