Some parts of Western New York are getting a few inches of snow later tonight and you know the snow will only be more consistent as we get into December and January.

Buffalo is one of the best places to enjoy winter. We're a hockey-crazed region, so you have that and all the leagues for those of all ages. There's also leisure ice skating at places like Canalside. Making snow angels and snowmen is also a popular activity.

However, there is one winter activity that is very popular in Western New York that I have to be honest, if without a doubt overrated.


I know, I know, how could anyone in their right mind not enjoy sledding? It's something that brings back memories of being a kid, and certainly, is a great activity when you're young. However, there are many downsides to sledding that are not ideal in the cold weather. You could say these are the reasons that sledding isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Here are three reasons why sledding is overrated during the wintertime in Western New York.

The Three Reasons Why Sledding Is Overrated

Three reasons why sledding is overrated.

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