Here in Western New York, we do food right. Seriously, the food in Buffalo beats most places. I have friends and family who visit here and they're like, "wow, you guys have some ridiculously good food!"

Whether they're our wings (obviously), Buffalo-style pizza (duh), or beef on weck, the food options in Western New York are limitless.

Burgers are a go-to for anyone. What do you do at a restaurant or brewery when you're undecided on an entree choice? You always go with a burger -- it rarely disappoints.

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But what are some burgers that just flat our "rock" in Western New York? You might have a few places at the top of your list and that's why we asked WBUF listeners, and some of the answers were fantastic.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 burgers in Buffalo that rock.

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