The 2021 NFL Draft is coming up on Thursday, April 29th at 8 pm on ABC, ESPN, and the NFL Network. Well, actually it's just the first round of the draft. The rest of the draft will take place on Friday and Saturday.

The NFL Draft has never been an exact science. Sure, teams have scouts, coaches, and front office personnel to try and evaluate the best prospects and then give grades out to hopefully pick the right guy, but some just don't work out -- for whatever reason.

Every NFL team swings and misses on draft picks, even with all the game tape and other factors that go into it. The Buffalo Bills are no different.

Over their history, they've missed many times on draft picks. You go back the last 20 years and you can point to plenty. Donte Whitner didn't exactly pan out. James Hardy and Erik Flowers are two others that were busts but to us, there were five that were even bigger busts.

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To qualify, they had to be first-round picks and over the last 20 years, Bills fans think what might have been. 2009's first-round pick is one I still cringe at because even for draft busts, it's at the top of the list.

Without further delay, here are the five biggest draft busts for the Bills in the last 20 years.

The Five Biggest Draft Busts in the Last 20 Years for the Bills

These draft busts still make Bills fans cringe.

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