Father's day is just about here!! If you forgot, it's Sunday June 17th, and lucky for us, there's a TON of stuff happening throughout WNY that we all get to enjoy. Whether you bring the family or significant other, that's completely up to you, but make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun.

Now If you're like me, I'm never sure  what plans to make with dad, but this list helped me think outside the box and I'm sure it'll help you out too. WKBW compiled a  list of seven things to do this Sunday, Father's Day, that should definitely make you wanna grab Dad and head out for a day of bonding and memory making.

The list includes a couple festivals happening this weekend, a fun train ride, boat cruise, and sporting event just to name a few. My Dad is a huge fan of boat's, and since he sold his last year, The cruise on Lake Erie sounded like a great gift idea and some fun in the sun. The list covers idea's for all different types of hobbies and interests Dads may have.

Don't just take my word though, Check out the full list here and have a wonderful, fun filled Father's Day, to all the Father's out there!



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