Part of the Budwiser GRIP and SIP promotion had me visit the Overpass Pub 2720 Seneca Street, Buffalo, and all I can say is that this Overpass is underrated to the point where I am not sure people even know about it yet. So, let me introduce you to The Overpass Pub's owner Brian.

Brian was behind the bar and welcomed up with open Bud bottles and proceeded to feed us. Culinary cohorts Tony and Mary introduced themselves, Tony, with the house wings (which made me cry tears of joy) upon trying just one. The best way I can explain them is the best of both worlds for a dry rub and sauce. But what really did (and does) it for me with any wing is the blue cheese. The Overpass B-C is U-F-B!. I was blown away, that is until Mary came out with her homemade Wing Dip. Now, I love my aunt, and her dip, for me,  was the pinnacle of wing dip but this chicken was on a free-range farm all by itself.

Check out the Overpass Pub for yourself, wing pic included, below:

Support local and stop by to say hello to Brian, Tony, and Mary. It really doesn't get any better for wings and suds. Do not pass on the Overpass.


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