The advent of the food truck changed the way customers consume their favorite foods. During the warmer months, Larkinville dedicates a whole day celebrating the drive up to serve the masses via your mobile kitchen. And they are not the only ones.

Now, it is no secret that operating a food truck is a lot more cost-effective than working out of a brick and mortar storefront, although with the current price of gas that can be debated.

So what happens when it is not 'food truck season' and you crave a dish from your favorite four-wheeled food service? You open a storefront and do both. Most successful and ambitious food trucks are now doing just that.

Going mobile and staying settled is what The Cheesy Chick Cafe and Food Trucks are doing in Williamsville. According to WGRZ

So now you need not have to wait for The Cheesy Chick Cafe and Food Truck to come to you, you can cruise over to them to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich, an array of delicious mac and cheese concoctions and so much more.

Sometimes parking is as vital to the success of a restaurant as the food they serve. And now The Cheesy Chick will have that, as well as,  outdoor seating because after being cooped up all winter long most of us will be spending as much time outdoors as possible.

So congratulations to The Cheesy Chick, we who get the cheese to please are very excited.

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