You get a pumpkin pie, you get a pumpkin pie, EVERYONE gets a pumpkin pie... because this pumpkin is ginormous! A new year, a new state record pumpkin weight found right here in western New York.

WGRZ reports that Sunday, at the Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence, a new record was made at the annual World Pumpkin Weigh-off. Last year the winner of the event had a pumpkin weighing  1,971.5 pounds, but this year, the winners pumpkin weighed a whopping 2,027 pounds!

The owner of the massive pumpkin is Karl Haist of Clarence Center, who took second place last year, but now holds a State record! Haist took home not only first place and a prize of $2,500, but also received a bonus prize of $1,000 for growing a pumpkin weighing over 2,000 pounds. Now if you're wondering what happens with all these pumpkins, and maybe thinking about delicious pies at the same time, bad news, pumpkin grower James Block tells us what actually happens:

"You can't turn these into pumpkin pie these aren't sugar pumpkins so it'll be compost for next year," said pumpkin grower James Block.

Looks like fresh pies are a no-go, but taking home a couple grand seems like a good trade-off. I think I'm going to try growing my own at home for next year, the city allows you to grow pumpkins in the parking ramp right?


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