Business in Buffalo and Western New York is booming! We have multiple historical buildings that are being renovated. New buildings are also popping up all over the area. Amazon the world’s largest e-commerce company has set up shop in Lancaster and manufacturing companies are coming back to the area with new and unique products.

Construction of one unique manufacturing plant, SolarCity, in Buffalo was finished in 2017 and now it looks like another unique manufacturing plant will be setting up shop in South Buffalo and once completed they are looking to employ approximately 800 people at the Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park, right next to the Tifft Nature Preserve.

However, this plant will be considered a campus and will be manufacturing a specific product. In fact, this plant will be manufacturing real plants. Yes, South Buffalo will now be home to the CANNABIS CAMPUS.

WIVB Reports:

Since the legalization of marijuana, there has been much interest in growing the plant and independent as well as conglomerate companies are all getting on the Cheech and Chong bus to grow weed for the masses and this campus will supply the ability to do so.

So now it looks like the Botanical Gardens will not be the only building in South Buffalo that grows and maintains tropical plants year-round.

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