Oh YES!!! It's that time of the year again, the Birthday Bash that everyone has been waiting for, Jack's 7th Birthday has finally arrived. Today starting at 11a.m. Jack, with I'm sure millions... ok maybe thousands... will be celebrating as only a 7 year old should, at Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds.

Mom finally let us drop the crazy clown act, but she is keeping the drinking!! So get on your sexy suits (men that doesn't mean your tightest most flattering Spedo, because they just aren't)... and get your little bottoms to the beach.

You know we are always good for something, and this year we will be giving away prizes from Fitness 19, some movie passes, and what everyone will be waiting on bated breath for... Concert tickets!! DO NOT MISS OUT, you could win tickets to Dave Mathews, Nickelback, or maybe Def Leppard is more up your alley.

Be there, Mickey Rats and Captain Kidds, any time after 11 a.m. this Memorial Day or plan on being left out!! Because, you know everyone that matters will be partying hard with Jack!!! See you there in your beach wear... Check out our beach fun below to get a little taste of how we like to party!! Oh yeah, and if you're not sure what to wear check out our Swimwear post, Kate Upton does a fine job modeling the perfect bikini ideas!!!