JACK FM's 10th Birthday out at Mickey Rats and Capitan Kidds was full of excitement... and mankinisThe only station in Buffalo to have the stones to pull this off did just that. JACK FM held the first ever mankini contest on the sunny and scenic shore of Angola on the Lake. We asked people "Who thinks they have stones to do whatever we asked them to do for a chance at tickets to The Rolling Stones" The response was big until they figured out what they had to do... Objectify themselves in a one of a kind epic mankini contest which was not reveled until Freeloader Joe bared it all on stage.

After this reveal 2 contestants dropped out... one a male model who you'd think should be used to this sort of thing... and the other guys a guy the still would have looked better in a mankini than Freeloader Joe did. After all was said and done we had 2 contestants Paul (Tie Dye Hat Guy) and Mark (Black and White Hat) The results we're hilarious to say the least. Enjoy

When all was said and done... both of these contestants got tickets to go see The Rolling Stones this summer on July 18th at Ralph Wilson Stadium... goes to show what having stones of steel and no shame can do for a person. Thanks to everyone that made JACK FM's 10th Birthday Party a success.

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