It's time to end the hate people are throwing at the birthplace of our culinary achievement once and for all.

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Look I get it. Bar Bill. Duff's. Elmo's. Gabriel's Gate. 9/11 Tavern. Wingnutz. Kelly's Corner. Sal's Lounge. Doc Sullivan's. Also many other places you probably prefer but you get the idea. Buffalo is full of places to get amazing wings that some people know about, while only locals know about the others.

We've all done this because it's fun. it makes us feel like we're special. Like we're foodies. Like we're better than others. Like we have the insider scoop. We tell people who come to town that if they want GOOD wings they gotta go to one of these places above, but whatever they do DON'T GO to Anchor Bar.

To be clear we're talking about the original location here.

Now there are lots of reasons Western New Yorkers tell people to avoid Anchor Bar. Over the years it has got tourist-y. They dropped Frank's Red Hot for their own sauce. They tried franchising. Because of this, many now say the quality has gone down the drain. Others point out the original spot on Main Street in Buffalo is full of tourists who don't know anything, and as such want nothing to do with the place.

However, here's the truth, and it's hard to swallow for some (pun intended): Anchor Bar is good. It's been good.

Sure, they did some different stuff. That's what businesses do to evolve and make money. If they don't make money they, ya know, die. Kind of important. Sure, tourists go there. Of course, they do. It's WHERE THE WING WAS INVENTED. Why wouldn't they go there? Yes, they franchised, and why the heck not? Spreading Buffalo's best ideas isn't a bad thing. Plus, Buffalo Wild Wings get to franchise themselves with our name all over the country pretending to make our creation, which they do poorly. A half-baked attempt by an Anchor Bar Franchise that actually represents BUFFALO is still a better option than Buffalo Wild Wings.

The only reason anyone hates Anchor Bar is because they want to feel like they're better than other people.

I've been to Anchor Bar recently. It was good. The staff was friendly. The wings were tasty and crispy. The drinks were cold. I had a good time. It was cool to see the pictures on the wall and the "tourist-y" stuff that all is a love letter to Buffalo. Ya know: the city that thinks it's too good for it. News flash we're not too good for it. Anchor Bar is Buffalo.

They didn't give me a dime to write this, either.

Look, are they my favorite wings of all time? No. Were they and are they the best? I don't think so. I think there are better wings in Buffalo. Let's not sit here though and claim they are bad, or not really good because that's a lie. They are VERY GOOD and worth the trip. People just like sounding superior.

I grew up in Marilla, next to East Aurora where Bar Bill is. I legit remember when it was just a biker bar. I remember when it was practically a secret only locals knew about. It was amazing then. Now everyone knows about it.

So does that mean it sucks now? They are franchising too so are we supposed to hate them because they are a business that wants to grow? They bottled their own sauce so are they sellouts? Are we supposed to say they are too tourist-y because everyone wants to go there? Do they suck because there's a wait? Or because one person who is a cousin of a friend's ex-girlfriend's brother said on Facebook they suck they aren't any good now?

No. They were amazing then. They are amazing now. They are the best in the world, in my opinion.

The original Anchor Bar also was good then and is good now. It just grew and tried some stuff. Some of it worked. Some of it didn't. That's business. The wings are still damn good.

You, "knowing a better place," as your defining personality trait is lame. Get over it and go visit Anchor Bar.

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