More and more respected current and former NFL players and coaches are keeping a close eye on the Buffalo Bills this preseason. 

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Hall of Famer and two-time Superbowl winning player and head coach Tony Dungy appeared on The TODAY Show Tuesday morning with his wife of forty years Lauren to promote their new book “Uncommon Influence.” 

Dungy has kept busy after retiring in 2008, being a parent to eleven biological and foster children, and becoming an accomplished author. However, we all know thanks to this side-hustle as a TV commentator that Tony still has some valid opinions about the NFL, and he’s not afraid to share them.

Tony Dungy Says Great Things About The Bills on the Today Show

TODAY Show’s Al Roker, pointing out his appearance at the recent Hall of Fame game, asked Dungy, “As we’re gearing up for this next NFL season, as you look down the line, who are you looking at to maybe go all the way? I know it is early, but I figured, ‘what the heck.’”

With a smile on his face, Coach Dungy replied, “It is early. And we were talking about that on the show Thursday night (during the hall of fame game broadcast)...”

Dungy then says, “Buffalo Bills have a lot of momentum going for them. They’ve been close. They’ve knocked on the door. And, ya know, we’ll see what happens - but I like Buffalo in the AFC.”

He continues, “For the NFC, boy there are a lot of good teams…we live in Tampa, so I guess we’d have to say Buccaneers?”, throwing in a shrug. 

Okay, we’ll choose to ignore that part.

Dungy then saved face for Bills fans when TODAY co-host Craig Melvin asked him about his thoughts on QB Josh Allen and wondered if this could be his year. 

“I do like Josh Allen,” Dungy replied. “I’ve got a good friend, Leslie Frazier who coaches…their defense - he keeps me abreast of what’s going on.” 

You can watch video of the entire TODAY show conversation with Coach Dungy here.

Looks like even Tony Dungy is looking at the Bills to win it all this season - right along with the rest of us.

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