As Bruce Lee stated: ‘It’s not about what happens; it’s about your reaction to what happens that matters.’ And as businesses are getting back to doing actual business, in-person with actual customers, it is great to see how some of the bar and restaurants throughout Western New York have evolved in changing some of their business tactics to gain new market share in unique new ways.

Mind you, some of these developments may not have happened had everyone’s life and the way we did business not change because of all the rules, regulations, and shutdowns that were mandated and handed down through the COVID-19 crisis. So change whether welcomed or not sometimes is for the better.

Buffalo Business First has a story on how a few iconic restaurants and bars have made some changes and how they started to think ‘outside of the kitchens’ in trying to reach a new clientele.

GRANDMA MORA’S  is a great Mexican Restaurant, Hertel Avenue, for years has been making their famous signature frozen burritos readily available for those who crave them. They have been selling their frozen chicken and cheese, chorizo and cheese, bean and cheese, and chicken bean and cheese burritos in local shops throughout the area. In addition, as they realized the popularity and support of these bad a** burritos throughout the community they decided to use them to give back to the communities by offering them up for charity-driven initiatives, expanding the brand with another culinary outlet to reach the community.

WALLENWEIN’S HOTEL  in East Aurora is looking to expand its clientele by catering to those, not into their amazing chicken wings, fish fry, roast beef, or fried bologna sandwiches. Their new menu items will cater to the vegan patrons visiting the establishment. FINALLY, carnivores and vegans can break bread under one roof. The new menu consists of vegan house salad, cauliflower wings, pizza, Wally’s Impossible Big Mac, and Ruebens.

The one thing that is inevitable and constant will always be change and the two restaurants above show us that change at first can be perceived as bad, but eventually good comes from it.

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