On Jan. 9, 2022, The Ultimate Metallica Show debuted on Portland, Maine's legendary alternative rock radio station, WCYY. Just like this website, the radio show was created to be the ultimate source for all things Metallica for every kind of fan.

Over the last eight months, for two solid hours every Sunday night, host and superfan Chuck Armstrong has guided fans and listeners through the best of Metallica, from hits and deep cuts to live tracks and cover songs (both Metallica covering other artists and other artists covering Metallica).

Depending on the weekend, The Ultimate Metallica Show has also celebrated album anniversaries, birthdays and other important holidays, like spinning the romantic "Last Caress/Green Hell" for Valentine's Day or playing an acoustic performance of "Mama Said" for Mother's Day.

Chuck loves lifting up songs by bands that are, in one way or another, connected to Mighty Metallica, like Corrosion of Conformity's "Man or Ash" which features James Hetfield on backing vocals, or Jason Newsted's solo work with his band Newsted. Chuck will always share memories, trivia and stories about 'Tallica, too, and he's even featured some exclusive interview clips from people like Kirk Hammett and the late, great Jonny Z on the show.

In other words, the ethos of The Ultimate Metallica Show has always been simple: All Metallica. All the time.

Now, eight months after that first broadcast, we are thrilled to say that The Ultimate Metallica Show is getting a little bit bigger.

Beginning Friday, Sept. 9, fans can tune into The Ultimate Metallica Show on several different radio stations across the country at various times all weekend long. And on top of that, listeners can interact with Chuck, share their own memories and even make requests through Ultimate Metallica's app.

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Like we said: All Metallica. All the time.

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The Ultimate Metallica Show
Ultimate Metallica

After every weekend, we'll post a full recap and playlist of the most recent show just in case you miss it. And don't forget, if you want to help shape the playlists, make sure to get your requests in by sending a message to Chuck in the Ultimate Metallica app.

If you want to hear The Ultimate Metallica Show on your hometown station, send Chuck a note and let him know!

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