Just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend, Vax and Scratch starts today (May 24, 2021) and runs through Friday (May 28, 2021).  And what better way to celebrate while hanging out with friends and family (san the masks) than with five million dollars?

The latest 'incentive' is designed to get more people stuck in the arm with the hopes of getting cash stuck in their bank accounts. The top prize can be 5 million dollars while the lowest denomination of cash will be twenty bucks. However, according to News 4 Buffalo, there will be only one vaccine clinic in our area where you can get a shot at $5 million: 


May 24th, 2021: Day 1, $100 winner

Free $20 lottery scratch-off ticket if you get your first shot at UB South Harriman Hall any day this week from 8 am until 7 pm 

Similar incentives like free beer and food already have taken off to get people vaccinated but this one seems to really grab the attention of those feeling lucky and healthy. However, I know a few people that are a little ticked-off because they received nothing, zip, nada when they got vaccinated. So much for the early bird gets the worm.

So good luck if you plan on getting stuck because after all: All you need is a vaccine and a dream.

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