Ask anyone outside of this area if they know what a meat raffle is and they look at you like you are a swinger. And although meat raffles in person have a certain aura and vibe the virtual meat raffles still exhibit the same excitement and camaraderie in winning meat and raising money all for a great cause.

WWKB's own Meteorologist Aaron Mentkowski is hosting a virtual meat raffle the Friday (February 12) to help support his inclusion in this year's "11 Day Power Play" and Aaron is hoping to raise $15,000 before the games happening November 13-24.

So good luck and as Pink Floyd once said: "Eat your meat. You can't get any pudding if you don't eat your meat!"

The "11 Day Power Play" was co-created by Amy and Mike Lesakowsi and it involves 40 players continuously playing hockey for 11 days, that's 252 hours. That's right constant action with little to no breaks.

The "11 Day Power Play" raises money to help support the work of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Camp Good Days and Special Times, Make-A-Wish, and Oishei Children's Hospital. This year the organization is trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records by trying to raise over one million for the fight against cancer. You can donate here.

The games are fun and you can pop in and out at any time. But the real deal is getting in to win the meat.

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