They say laughter is the best medicine. If you follow the timeline of comedy, no, not as far back as The Court Jesters. lists Will Rogers during the Vaudeville era in the 1920s. Funny duos like Laurel & Hardy starring in motion pictures in the '30s. Radio comics, like Jack Benny, during the '40s. And television stars of the '50s like Jamestown's own Lucille Ball.

The list of comedians that work both clean and 'blue' and the vehicles they use to spread the cheer is massive BUT there is one place that has all the history of all the funny men and women who have made the world laugh throughout the decades. And it's all under one roof, and it was voted BEST NEW MUSEUM according to USA Today 10 Best.


The National Comedy Center in Jamestown, New York is about an hour and a half away from Buffalo, Jamestown is pretty much an easy, relaxing, straight shot down the I-90. And even if the trip may make a few drivers and passengers a little cranky, know that comic relief is waiting at The National Comedy Center, located at 203 West Second Street.

And speaking of the abovementioned Lucille Ball, the Lucy-Desi Museum is right in the neighborhood so make sure you stop in and yell: "LUCY I'M HOME". Actually, do not do that I am pretty sure you will get fined or something more drastic for doing that.

Have a good laugh.


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