They responded to an incident at Lafayette square this afternoon in downtown Buffalo.

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First responders often don't get a lot of credit for the job they do. Paramedics and firefighters especially get taken for granted too often, especially when it comes to what they take home in pay. These brave people never hesitate to run into a chaotic scene and so often save lives.

There has been a lot of focus on them lately after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the football field and had to be given CPR to revive him. Es[pecially on CPR and getting more people trained to deliver the life-saving technique.

That's exactly what was used in downtown Buffalo this afternoon.

Around 4:15 pm sirens blazed through Lafayette Square as first responders showed up and tried to revive an unknown person. We do not know at this time what happened to the individual, just that when I looked out of our windows of the Rand Building overlooking the scene, you could clearly see first responders give the person CPR. See the video below... NOTE: This video is from far away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the individual and their family.

This went on for MANY minutes. As of writing this report paramedics were still around the person.

Yasmin Young from WBLK was on the scene and took these photos.

Paramedics Reviving Person in Downtown Buffalo

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