We have been hearing about the lifeguard shortage all summer long, and it’s keeping one pool closed for the second year in a row. 

A rumor started circulating among the neighbors in West Seneca that the town pool would become permanently closed in the near future. 

One resident, Kim Cornell, shared the news on Facebook

“West Seneca town pool closed 2 years in a row, due to no lifeguards!

Now I hear they [are] no  longer going to have the pool. EVER??? Is this true?

With the taxes we pay and that beautiful pool, is this true , no town pool anymore?”

Comments flooded in from “social media warriors” alike, but only one person provided context behind the decision. 

James William Raymond said, “This was decided at a town board meeting,” supplying a website article that explained why the town pool would no longer be opened. 

According to the article, less people were coming to the pool over the last few years and it needs a lot of repairs, which is why the board decided to look at “other uses” for the facility that would be more beneficial to the community. 

Councilman Robert Breidenstein told the West Seneca Bee that “approximately .007% of the town’s population used the pool consistently last year,” which is only about 1000 visits in total. 

Operating the pool annually amounts a cost of over $47,000, so the cons seems to outweigh the pros. 

Many people have wondered if taxes will go down as a result of the pool closure, but it doesn’t sound like that will be the case. At least, it has yet to be confirmed, though that outcome does not seem to be favorable since they are planning to revamp the facility to be used in other terms. 

As of now, we do not know what the pool will become.

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