There are several grocery stores in the greater Buffalo area, but do you remember these 4? While they no longer exist, a lot of people miss them. It's a nostalgic look back at 4 grocery stores that you might remember shopping in.

Grocery Stores in Western New York

While most people think of Tops and Wegmans when it comes to grocery shopping in the greater Buffalo area, there are actually a lot of other options. Walmart and Target offer full grocery sections. Aldi, Save-a-lot, and Price Rite have the perception of value for groceries. Market in the Square and Dash's are great local options, plus all of the co-ops in the area. There are also what many consider to be fancy stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.

Who Has the Cheapest Groceries?

That's a very interesting question. Channel 7 said this year it was Aldi, with Tops being the most expensive and Wegmans being in the middle.

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What Stores Do WNY'ers Wish Were Still Here?

In the Facebook Group Buffalo, a Toast to the Town, a user posted this"


Bells, Super Duper, Quality Markets, and Jubilee certainly are a throwback to a different time in WNY. Many people miss these markets because of their locations, simplicity, selection, and in some cases just because they worked there. Many teens had their first jobs working at grocery stores back in the day.

Now, the idea there are fewer grocery stores today probably isn't true. As seen above, there are more than ever now. That, however, doesn't mean they are better than the throwbacks. You have to wonder if these markets would have been able to keep costs lower than the current stores do. The answer is probably not, but it's fun to think about the good old days.

Check out some of their old school commercials!

(Darien Lake Fun Country!!!)

What was your favorite grocery store in Buffalo back in the day?

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