The World's Largest Yard Sale is this weekend at Hamburg Fairgrounds! And we know you are just chomping at the bit to get something fitting for Jack FM!

Instead of leaving you in the dark, wondering "Hey I have no idea what the most perfect radio station would ever need..." We will give you a few tips for what to keep an eye out for!

Top 10 Items To Look For:

1. Any Buffalo Bill's, or Sabre's paraphernalia. (Let's be honest, you can never have enough!)
2. Poker table! Ours broke during last months poker night... Things got a little crazy!
3. Any additions for our basement or outdoor bar!
4. Yahtzee... We need more games for Game Night Thursday's!
5. A Snow Globe! Love shaking them!
6. Flat Screen Television. Our bunny ears finally broke!
7. A road sign...Who doesn't want one! Not sure if there will be any for sale there so no illegal activity to obtain one, we don't need it that bad!
8. Coffee Pot. Need to be more awake at work!
9. A Jack FM sticker! Come on you have to stop by and say Hi!
10. Vinyl Albums.  They may be classic but we still love them! In fact we frame them in our dumpy, little studio.

Oh and P.S., you can always pick up an additional gift for Mom it would save us the trip... But, no snow globes or jewelry. We bought her a bunch at last years World's Largest Yard Sale.  If you are thinking a homemade pie, by all means go right ahead she would love it... And we might even sign your name on our card! I know, I know, No thanks necessary, just don't forget or we will blame you!