The World's Largest Yard Sale is Friday and Saturday at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. There will be hundreds of vendors selling all sorts of amazing finds. From antiques, collectibles, clothing, jewelry, and everyday items just to name a few. It's an incredible 2-day event you won't want to miss with food, beer, music, and this year our friends from Rustic Buffalo!

For the Buffalo sports fans, this is THE event you need to attend. You can find autographs, trading cards, pictures, jerseys, throwback items, home and yard decor, and really everything and anything you can think of to show your support to the Buffalo Bills, Sabres, Bandits, Bisons, and more.

I took a trip out to Rustic Buffalo, which is an incredible place filled with something for everyone. I found 23 things for Bills and Sabres fans that are unique, different, and just plain awesome. In some cases, hilarious too. Check them all out.

23 Unique Buffalo Bills Things YOu Can Buy at The World's Largest Yard Sale

These are all found at Rustic Buffalo by their incredible vendors.They will;l be on hand for the World's Largest Yard Sale.

You can count on a lot of these being at this year's World's Largest Yard Sale! Come out and find them Friday and Saturday.

More info, CLICK HERE. 

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